The following tracks were recorded at and broadcast by the B.B.C. on the Terry Wogan and Dave Cash shows.

Heatwave was a 4-piece in 1969 ~ lead vocal by Terry (with John).

Papa Gene's Blues  [Mike Nesmith]

Heatwave was a 5-piece in 1970 ~ lead vocal by Pete.

Gimme Gimme Good Lovin'  [Levine - Cordell] / Jumpin' Jack Flash [Jagger - Richards]

Eleanor Rigby  [Lennon - McCartney]

 Stop In The Name Of Love  [Holland - Dozier - Holland]

Down On The Corner  [John Fogerty]

Spinning Wheel  [David Clayton-Thomas]

The Letter  [Wayne Carson Thompson]

Can't Let You Go  [Russ Ballard - Wayne Bickerton]

One After 909  [Lennon - McCartney]

 25th January 2012, Paul Stiles aired 'Sister Simon (Funny Man)' [John Edward] on Midweek Madness, Radio Seagull.

5th August 2013, Larry Page told Martin he has not licensed, 'Sister Simon (Funny Man)' or 'Rastus Ravel (Is A Mean Old Man)', to anyone since its 1970 release.

1st March 2015, Dave Nicholas aired 'Rastus Ravel (Is A mean Old Man)' [John Edward] on Radio Northsea International.

8th March 2015, Paul Newman aired 'Rastus Ravel (Is A mean Old Man)' [John Edward] on Radio Mi Amigo.

2013, Martin and Terry met up in Florida, U.S.A. and in 2014, co-wrote their first song. 15th June 2020, Surf 97.3 FM radio, Flagler Beach, Florida, put 'Sailin' Away' into rotation.

Sailin' Away  [Samuel - Shea]

1970, Heatwave released, 'Sister Simon (Funny Man)' b/w 'Rastus Ravel (Is A Mean Old Man)' ... 1973, Terry, Rich and Pete, the three remaining original members then known as The Sensation, recorded, 'Baby', which was released as a B-side.  'Sister Simon And Rastus Ravel Have A Baby' [John Edward] is a mashup of the first and last songs recorded by the boys in the band.

1970       ~          John Edward         ~      2010













John Edward Entertainment Agency stable 1970 Melody Maker advert.

Rick Wakeman played piano on 'Rastus Ravel' ~ his autograph 43 years later ...


Saturday 12th May 2018, DJ John Dale played 'Sister Simon (Funny Man) [John Edward] on his Radio 2RDJ FM Classic Tracks show from Sydney, Australia.


October 2018, Peter van Vlokhoven played 'Rastus Ravel (Is A Mean Old Man)' [John Edward] on The WinkelWagen Show – (The Netherlands).




Saturday 20th June 2020, Lori Dean played 'Rastus Ravel (Is A Mean Old Man) [John Edward] on her Dusty Discs Radio show Saturday Night Seventies – (Canada).



Sunday 28th June 2020, Jane Clayton played 'Sister Simon (Funny Man)' [John Edward] on the West Norfolk Radio Sunday Show – (U.K.)



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